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San2Med Pharmacy and Supplies is a Pharmacy-Retail health Care Organisation situated at the 39 St Georges street (corner of St Georges and Mantle streets) Bloemfontein. Since its inception in 2016 the company has grown into a leading retail pharmacy providing general healthcare advice and supply of prescription and non-prescription medication, medical devices as well as orthopaedic equipment to both the public and private sectors, as well as government health sectors throughout South Africa.


Our dedicated team is committed to providing advice about health issues, symptoms and medications in response to customer enquiries, We not only take the time to understand your particular needs, but also use our expertise by educating our clients with Healthy Lifestyle Choices and Natural health.
We believe that by educating our clients about their conditions in a fun and accepting environment, as well as equipping them with proven and successful strategies to look after their health, we can improve health outcomes and foster happier and stronger communities. We don’t just hand over medicines packed in a coma-we make sure the patient (client) knows every detail about their medication, the nutritional depletions it may cause, and how to effectively use complementary and herbal products to aid in the treatment of their conditions.

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Asistence Pharmaciests

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Kids Vitamin Program
Diabetic Supplies
Home medical equipment
Supply of prescription and non-prescription medication.
Healthcare Advices
Low-Cost Generic Prescriptions (subject to change without notice)